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A Clear Vision: Insights from the New Video Series on Refractive IOL Patient Care

A Clear Vision: Insights from the New Video Series on Refractive IOL Patient Care

As the world of eye care continues to evolve, the focus on patient care, particularly for those considering refractive intraocular lenses (IOLs), remains at the forefront. Our new video series offers a comprehensive look into best practices for managing refractive IOL patients before and after cataract surgery. We invite you to explore “Keys to a More Satisfied Premium IOL Patient Before and After Cataract Surgery.” 


Ocular Surface Disease: A Delicate Balance

Presented by Dr. Josh Johnston and Dr. Jacob Lang, the discussion on Ocular Surface Disease sheds light on the challenges and best practices associated with managing patients considering refractive IOLs. The session titled “From Diagnosis to Discontent: Unraveling the Influence of Ocular Surface Disease on Refractive IOLs” underscores the importance of understanding the disease’s impact on patient expectations and outcomes.


Glaucoma: A Pressing Concern

In a landscape where refractive IOL outcomes can be significantly impacted by existing conditions, glaucoma stands out as a major concern. Dr. Nate Lighthizer and Dr. Selina McGee’s session “Pressure Points: Unveiling the Impact of Glaucoma on Refractive IOL Outcomes” offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges and solutions in managing glaucoma in refractive IOL candidates.


Retina: Looking Beyond the Surface

The intricacies of retinal disease management in refractive IOL patients are meticulously explored by Dr. Carolyn Majcher and Dr. Selina McGee in “Peering Beyond the IOL: A Deep Dive into Retinal Disease Management”. Their insights highlight the importance of early detection and effective communication in managing retinal diseases and ensuring optimal refractive IOL outcomes.


United in Vision: The Art of Comanagement

Comanagement remains a key aspect of optometric care. Dr. Cecelia Koetting and Dr. Jacob Lang delve into the nuances of navigating the comanagement maze in their session “United for Vision: Navigating the Comanagement Maze in Refractive IOL Care”. Their discussion emphasizes the importance of clear communication and collaboration in ensuring patient satisfaction and improved outcomes.


To all eye care professionals seeking to improve their practice and enhance patient care, these video interviews are not to be missed. They offer a blend of expertise, practical insights, and real-world experiences, providing invaluable guidance in the journey to ensure a clearer, brighter future for all IOL patients.


Each video has been approved for 0.25 COPE credits.