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Our Diversity Statement

At TFG, we believe our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is essential to providing exceptional professional education. We believe that leveraging a variety of perspectives fosters creativity and innovation, advances the medical specialties we serve, and ultimately, improves patient care.

  • Diversity: We commit to embracing diversity in myriad forms, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, country of origin, and practice location and setting, among others. We consciously pursue diversity in our hiring, contracting, and selection of faculty.
  • Equity: We pledge to create a more level playing field for historically underrepresented voices in the specialties we serve, and to challenge and respond to bias, harassment, and discrimination when they arise.
  • Inclusion: We commit to fostering a culture of belonging. We increase the reach of our educational activities when they are welcoming to and respectful of all, and we actively support and foster the capabilities and experience of a wide variety of educators.

We believe that striving to affirm and expand our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion allows us to provide best-in-class professional education that has a positive impact on learners and effectively changes practice patterns.