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Data Snapshot: Preferred treatment schedule for nAMD patients

Data Snapshot: Preferred treatment schedule for nAMD patients

The 6th annual EURETINA Clinical Trends Survey was carried out at the 2023 Congress in Amsterdam. This survey received over 3,000 responses and built upon the success of prior surveys.

The survey asked EURETINA delegates key questions related to current issues they face in their practice on a regular basis. Topics included neovascular AMD (nAMD), dry AMD and geographic atrophy, vitreoretinal surgery, diabetic macular edema, and gene therapy, among others.

A key finding reveals that not only is treat and extend (T&E) the favored injection regimen for managing nAMD, but also that retinal specialists who handle a greater number of nAMD patients lean more towards T&E, moving away from once recommended monthly injections.

Several reasons could explain this preference, but growing experience with anti-VEGF drugs has shown T&E’s effectiveness and its ability to lessen patient burden without compromising results. On the other hand, the practicality of T&E could be a deciding factor, enabling specialists to accommodate more patients compared to those administering monthly injections or PRN. Further research would be needed to gain more detailed insight.

More information on the survey and data highlights on other topics from the prior year’s survey can be found here in the 2022 Clinical Trends Survey Supplement (pdf).


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