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Kate Fehlhaber receives OWL’s first-ever President’s Award

Kate Fehlhaber receives OWL’s first-ever President’s Award

We are pleased to announce that Kate Fehlhaber, our VP of Global Education Strategy and Operations, has been awarded the Ophthalmic World Leaders (OWL) first-ever President’s Award!

Kate Fehlhaber & Nivine Woods, OWL President

Read Kate Fehlhaber’s acceptance speech here:

Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it! 🎉 Since joining OWL in 2017, I’ve found immeasurable warmth and support within this community. I’m incredibly honored to have been awarded the first-ever OWL President’s Award in recognition of the volunteer work I’ve been involved in.

This award is a beautiful affirmation that the energy we invest in meaningful work reverberates through our community, bringing shared rewards and inspiring positive change. Being able to contribute through initiatives like Wise Wings has been a true highlight. 🤝

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who has been a part of this journey. Your encouragement has been a cornerstone of this incredible honor. Let’s continue to elevate each other and build an even stronger OWL community! 🦉✨

Left to Right: Maaza Martin, Aimee Shimamoto, Kate Fehlhaber, Jan Beiting

Left to Right: Johanna Purcell, Kate Fehlhaber

Left to Right: Kristen Ingenito, Jacqueline Armani, Kate Fehlhaber, Julie Whitcomb, Johanna Purcell