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Join the Ophthalmic Outlook Group: Educate, Engage, and Enhance Your Ophthalmic Knowledge

Join the Ophthalmic Outlook Group: Educate, Engage, and Enhance Your Ophthalmic Knowledge

In the ever-evolving field of ophthalmology, staying abreast of the latest research, techniques, and treatment options is crucial for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and for patients striving to make informed healthcare decisions. Recognizing this need, a new initiative named the Ophthalmic Outlook Group (OOG) has been established to serve as a cornerstone for education on pivotal ophthalmic topics.


What is the Ophthalmic Outlook Group?

The Ophthalmic Outlook Group is an educational group designed to bring the latest in ophthalmic research, treatment methodologies, clinical practices and opinions. Spearheaded by a distinguished panel of seven experts, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from different ophthalmic subspecialties, the OOG aims to foster a community of learning, sharing, and advancement.


Areas of Focus

The OOG’s educational content spans a comprehensive range of ophthalmic topics, with the question for each topic designed in concert with experts. Those same experts will later provide commentary on survey results. Topics include and experts include

  • Cataract Extraction and Astigmatism: Lisa Nijm
  • Presbyopia: Dagny Zhu
  • Eyelid Margin Disease (Dry Eye, Demodex Blepharitis, and Thyroid Eye Disease): Ashley Brissette
  • Glaucoma and the Digital Operating Room: Ike Ahmed
  • Corneal and Lens-Based Refractive Surgery: Morgan Micheletti
  • Corneal Disease: Zaina Al-Mohtaseb
  • Retina: Rishi Singh

How to Join

Individuals can join the group by completing a detailed survey, designed to take approximately 15 minutes. Upon completing the survey, respondents will gain entry to the group, unlocking a host of benefits:

  • Exclusive Educational Content: Access to articles, webinars, and discussions led by our panel of experts.
  • Benchmarking Reports: Members will receive personalized reports comparing their survey responses to the group’s aggregate data, offering unique insights into current trends and practices in ophthalmology.
  • Commentary from Doctors: Expert analysis and commentary on pressing ophthalmic issues, providing a deeper understanding of complex topics.
  • Incentives for Early Participants: To encourage early participation, the first 200 members to complete the survey will receive a $45 Amazon gift card, making now the perfect time to join.


Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of ophthalmology while enjoying the rewards of membership in the Ophthalmic Outlook Group. Your expertise, experience, and perspective are invaluable assets in our collective pursuit of excellence.

Ready to take the next step? Complete our brief 15-minute survey here and join us on this exciting journey.

Together, let’s chart a course towards a brighter future for ophthalmology!