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Recap: ESCRS Winter Meeting 2024 in Frankfurt

Recap: ESCRS Winter Meeting 2024 in Frankfurt

At the recent ESCRS Winter Meeting held in the vibrant city of Frankfurt, we were fortunate to welcome an array of exceptional individuals from the field of ophthalmology. The event, bustling with energy and innovation, provided a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and advancement in the realm of eye care.

We are grateful for all the amazing people who contributed to the success of this gathering. Your presence and engagement made it truly memorable.

Among the highlights of the event were two exceptional symposiums, each delving into crucial aspects of modern ophthalmic practice:


Digital OR Symposium: Optimizing Workflow Pathways for a Digital Operating Room

Chaired by the esteemed Oliver Findl and Burkhard Dick, this symposium offered invaluable insights into harnessing the power of technology to streamline workflow pathways within the digital operating room. The panel, comprising luminaries such as Wolfgang Mayer, Kjell Gunnar Gundersen, and Bruce Allan, provided thought-provoking discussions on leveraging digital advancements to enhance surgical precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes.



Refractive IOL Symposium: Success with Presbyopia-Correcting IOLs in Today’s Practice

In the Refractive IOL Symposium, co-chaired by Filomena Ribeiro and Thomas Kohnen, attendees gained invaluable perspectives on achieving success with presbyopia-correcting IOLs in contemporary practice settings. The distinguished panel, comprising Basak Bostanci, Gerd Auffarth, Joaquín Fernandéz, and Florian Kretz, explored the latest advancements in presbyopia correction and shared best practices for optimizing patient outcomes.

From surgical techniques to patient selection criteria, the symposium offered comprehensive insights into navigating the complexities of refractive IOLs, empowering practitioners to deliver enhanced visual outcomes for their patients.

Refractive IOL Symposium Attendees

In addition to these enriching symposiums, the ESCRS Winter Meeting provided a dynamic platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among peers and industry leaders. The spirit of innovation and camaraderie that permeated the event underscored the collective commitment of the ophthalmic community to advancing the frontiers of eye care.

As we reflect on the stimulating discussions and meaningful connections forged during the ESCRS Winter Meeting, we are inspired by the passion and dedication of our colleagues in the pursuit of excellence in ophthalmology. We look forward to continued collaboration and growth as we work together to shape the future of eye care.

From Left to Right: Stefanie Volland, Bradley Fundingsland, Raquel Abreu

Until we meet again at future ESCRS events, let us carry forward the momentum of innovation and collaboration ignited during our time in Frankfurt. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, elevate standards, and ultimately, transform the landscape of ophthalmic care for the better.