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EURETINA IME Expert Consensus Video Series on Dry AMD & GA

EURETINA IME Expert Consensus Video Series on Dry AMD & GA

Dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and geographic atrophy (GA) are conditions that significantly impact the quality of life for millions worldwide. As these conditions become increasingly prevalent, it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest insights and developments in their diagnosis and management.

EURETINA (European Society of Retina Specialists) has collaborated with leading experts in the field to produce an insightful and comprehensive video series addressing various aspects of dry AMD and GA. In this series, Profs. Peter Kaiser, Stela Vujosevic, and Patricia Udaondo share their expertise, providing valuable insights into demographics, diagnosis, disease progression, monitoring, management, and emerging treatments.


Video #1: Demographics and Diagnosis

The first installment of the series delves into the demographics and diagnosis of dry AMD. Profs. Peter Kaiser, Stela Vujosevic, and Patricia Udaondo discuss patient demographics, risk factors, and best practices for early diagnosis. Understanding the demographic profile and risk factors associated with dry AMD is essential for timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.


→ Watch Demographics and Diagnosis here


Video #2: Disease Progression and Monitoring

In the second video, the focus shifts to disease progression and monitoring. The experts explore key considerations in identifying biomarkers for disease progression and monitoring patients with GA. By elucidating effective monitoring strategies, clinicians can better track disease progression and tailor treatment plans accordingly.


→ Watch Disease Progression and Monitoring here


Video #3: Disease Management

Effective management of dry AMD and GA requires a multifaceted approach. In the third part of the series, Profs. Kaiser, Vujosevic, and Udaondo discuss best practices for managing patients with these conditions in today’s clinical practice. From lifestyle interventions to pharmacological therapies, understanding the nuances of disease management is crucial for optimizing patient care.


→ Watch Disease Management here


Video #4: Emerging Treatments

The final video in the series explores emerging treatment options for dry AMD and GA. Profs. Kaiser, Vujosevic, and Udaondo shed light on promising therapies on the horizon and provide insights into how clinicians can communicate with patients about these upcoming treatments. Keeping abreast of emerging therapies is essential for offering patients the most advanced and effective care options.

In conclusion, the EURETINA IME Expert Consensus Video Series on Dry AMD & GA offers a comprehensive overview of these sight-threatening conditions. By leveraging the expertise of renowned specialists, this series equips clinicians with the knowledge and insights needed to optimize patient outcomes. Stay tuned for these informative videos and join the conversation on advancing the management of dry AMD and GA.


→ Watch Emerging Treatments here