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Unlocking Insights: Practical Considerations for GA Treatment

Unlocking Insights: Practical Considerations for GA Treatment

Discover the cutting-edge developments in treating Geographic Atrophy (GA) directly from leading experts. In this segment of the EURETINA IME video interview series, esteemed physicians Drs. David A. Eichenbaum and Arshad M. Khanani delve into the latest breakthroughs in GA treatment.

They not only explore emerging therapeutic options that target the complement system but also provide invaluable insights on seamlessly integrating these treatments into clinical practice workflows. Additionally, the discussion emphasizes crucial safety considerations to ensure optimal patient care.

For a comprehensive understanding of GA management strategies, access the full interview and delve deeper into practical insights here: Practical Considerations for GA Treatment.

To watch the complete series, check out the first part here:
Part 1: Diagnosing and Monitoring GA in Today’s Practice

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